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Residential & Commercial Electrical Services

It’s an honor and a privilege to be invited into your home, and we don’t take it lightly. Prompt, knowledgeable, happy, and professional licensed electrical journeymen are whom you can expect to meet when you call RW. We conduct full background checks on each employee, and with your home in mind, every RW van is equipped with booties to wear over our shoes, as well as hand vacs, brooms and dustpans to ensure that we leave your house in a way that looks like it was untouched, or better.

We pride ourselves on value, by providing quick and cost-effective solutions from friendly technicians. You can rest assured that we won’t try to upsell you on improvements you don’t need. If it doesn’t make sense to our customers, it doesn’t make sense to us. Doing business the way we’d like to be treated means being upfront, honest, and considerate of your home. Due to this philosophy, we have appreciated your many referrals.

If you have questions about electrical services please give us a call or email us the plans and we can get you pricing or estimates.

circuit breaker

Electrical Services We Offer

  • HVAC System & Cooling Wiring
  • Service Panel Replacement
  • Circuit Breaker Upgrades
  • Light Bulb Fast Burnouts
  • Electrical Power Surges
  • Light Switch Malfunctions
  • Main Breaker Replacement
  • House Closing Realty Electrical Repairs
  • Dedicated Circuits
  • Ceiling Fan Installation & Wiring
  • Appliance Circuits
  • Outlets & Switches
  • GFCI Outlets
  • Fuse Panel Elimination /Breaker Panels / Fuse Boxes
  • Generators
  • Multi-family Housing Electrical Maintenance
  • Sub-Panels
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting Installation
  • Whole House Safety Inspection
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Flood Lighting
  • Receptacles
  • Trouble Shooting

How To Save Electricity Bills The EASY Way!

The Electric Saver 1200 is designed to help you start saving electricity in your home or business up to 25%. It also will increase the life of your appliances, air conditioning/heat pump, and other motor-driven equipment and protect your home or business from power surges. The power surge protection alone is worth the investment to protect your property. Be the smartest guy/gal on the block next time your neighborhood has a power surge. With our whole house surge protector and energy-saving devices, you can’t go wrong.

By recycling energy and feeding it back into your home, you require less from the power company. GE has verified this, US Dept. of Energy, NASA, NYERSA, and others.

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